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Haritha is situated in eco-friendly environment at the edge of Colombo district in Sri Lanka.

Oxygenated peo water is the basic requirement for ornamental fish farm. Our farm  located in a land which enriched with the fountain originated water pouring from the lush green mountain tops. That is the special assets to our success.

Haritha is one of the leading fish breeding farm in Sri Lanka.We produce live bears, tetras,barbs,cichlids,gold fish ,coi, and a lot of egg layer verities.Specailly our farm is very popular for breeding new guppy verities like Elephant Ear, Albino,Dwarf and many more.

Haritha has formed a direct supplier system under supervision of our consultant.

Our consultant is the former curator of the aquarium in zoological gardens in Sri Lanka.He has 20 years’ experience in the zoo with sweet water, marine and brackish water fish and invertebrates, has experience working with local as well as foreign institutions. Now he is a leading ornamental fish consultant .

Haritha team is professionally well experience combination.

Our Farm has newly modified eco – friendly arrivel,quarantine,conditioning and packing section

We reserved large space for the research and development in future prospect.

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