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Ornamental Fish

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Sri Lanka is one of the main fancy fish exporters to the world with our aquariums and fish cultivates effectively captive rearing probably the most colorful and uncommon freshwater, marine and salty water fish species and marine aquatic creatures on the planet.

Supplies are mainly from reproducing intriguing and native freshwater assortments, which contain about 70% of the all-out fares of aquarium fishes by volume. Major buyers for Sri Lankan ornamental fish are the USA, Japan, and the European Union.

There are hundreds of species which are being reared locally for exportation. Main categories of ornamental fish for exports are live bearers, guppy, molly, platy and swordtails. And egg layers barbs, goldfish, angels, and zebras.

There are plenty of land available in Sri Lanka, some of the land cannot be utilized for agribusiness or different foundations are utilized for fish ranches. This is additionally upheld by the positive environment conditions and the accessibility of value water. The development compounds of ornamental fish are contained and grown in cement cubicles.


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