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Guppy Hobbyists

Due to the Guppy’s large demand worldwide, anyone can easily pick this up as a hobby, with it being one of the most popular species of fish domesticated worldwide, information regarding the species is easily accessible. Due to the Guppy’s Variety in colours and tail shapes, hobbyists can find themselves lost as they catalogue the sheer volume of unique guppies.

The largest exporter of guppies currently is Sri Lanka, with over 4% of the global demand, Sri Lankan guppies are highly sought after by hobbyists due to their strength and high diversity in comparison to other aquarium fish exporting countries.

Guppies are easy to care for and are peaceful, making maintenance, this allows for hobbyists to have large collections of guppies without much trouble.

Some of the reasons why guppies are so popular in the aquarium hobby is long. Their bright colors, constant activity and the fact that they are super easy to keep makes them attractive to almost any fish keeper. Guppies originated from rivers and lakes. Guppies are one of those fish that you really don’t need to worry about bothering other fish in your aquarium or tank. The bother needs to be putting tank mates in there that won’t bother your guppies. When selecting Tank mates for your guppies you’re going to want to stay with smaller community. The great thing about guppies is with there being so many different varieties and so many different you can have an amazing aquarium or tank with nothing but guppies in there and not even worry about putting tank mates in with them. Guppies aren’t picky about their food at all. You have to find food small enough that can fit in their teeny tiny mouths. A well-kept guppy can live from 1 to 3 years and sometimes longer.


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